Kevin Oduor

Master sculptor Kevin Oduor has had a career spanning over 25 years sculpting and teaching. He created many of Nairobi’s public sculptures, including Dedan Kimathi at the heart of Nairobi Central Business District, Wanjiku sculpture at the High Court, and the Mau Mau Memorial sculpture of a freedom fighter receiving food from a woman passing a the “Kiondoo” basket.

In addition he is also a conceptual artist on the Nairobi art scene.

Slideshow above shows a piece from ‘Existence 1’ 2012  perhaps asking the question: Is a chair really a chair if it is non-functional? Further images: Installation shots of ‘Existance 2’  developing from Existance 1’s exploration of the object (chair) to the human figure.

His practice can be loosely separated into the work he creates as a master of craft (a public sculpture created to a specific brief), and the work he creates as a master of form (slideshow 2) a sculpture created without a project brief from a public body, or a particular use, except in the fine art context.

His two guises as ‘craft’ and ‘form’ master support his career trajectories and are inseparable from each other: the public sculptures still existing as contemporary art, and the chair still existing as skilled craft.


Figure 1.  Master Sculptor Kevin Oduor leading a workshop in at Kuona Trust Studios, 2014. Photocredit: Anthony Wachira

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