The Crypt Gallery

The Crypt Gallery (Curator) 2003-2005. The Crypt Gallery, Islington facilitating 48 Artists over 11 exhibitions and preview events with focus on performance over two years.


‘Onsite’  (Co-curator) June 2005 

New works by fifteen artists that explored the history, form and function of the crypt itself. 2nd year BA students from Central Saint Martin’s and Slade School of Art. Curated by James Newton, Anton Nikolotov, Miriam Kings and Craig Kao.

Oct 2004

‘Really, this can’t wait’ (Co-curator)

Artists working predominantly in Installation, presented themes of mundane, memory, obsession and anxiety. Curated by the artists Davina Drummond, Ines Dearman, Corrine Bannister and Clair Suckall. Produced by Miriam Kings

Feb 2004 

Memories and memorials from Chile: 30 years since the military coup . 


An academic and peace activist from Chile, Roberta Bacic was directly involved in collecting testimonies from the relatives of those who had been murdered or ‘disappeared’ during the military dictatorship of General Pinochet in 1973-1990.

Photographs from the personal collection of activist Roberta Bacic.

October 2003

Keeping Glamour 


A multidisciplinary exhibition and fashion show organised with students from Central St Martins and members of St Mary’s Youth Club.

Participatory Art by


May 2004 


Installation exhibition by Slade Lamey, with accompanying artworks by Eleanor Watson and Sine Skovsen both working with the circle.

Mass Illustration –  with album launch for ‘Only Joe’.

September 2005


Participatory illustration installation with 100+ graffiti artists and illustrators linked to the the ‘Only Joe’ and The Crypt Gallery communities invited to create a mass illustration in anticipation to, and during the final opening.

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