A weekend Artistic Skillshare – Bussey Building, Peckham

More than eighteen workshop contributors and some hundred and fifty attendees made Pangaea Sculptors Centre’s ‘How did you do that? An Artistic Skillshare’ (4th-6th October, 2013)

Workshops and initiatives:

  • Micro blogging with the hashtag #ARCPSC (Artist Run Culture)
  • Photo-documenting 3D practice
  • Cold critique’ and ‘blind review’ as curators offered impressions on anonymised portfolios
  • Creating your own WordPress site
  • Writing workshop on personal/artistic statements
  • Precarious Workers Brigade discussed working conditions in the arts and the urgent need to take collectivised action to ensure that cultural production is more equitable accessible and accountable.
  • ‘How did you do that? The Nuts and Bolts of Ambitious Sculptural Projects’ Six sculptors discussed their projects.
  • A family-friendly zone for creating and playing with folded paper sculptures was the Sculpture Playhouse.

See full documentation with photos on Pangaea Sculptors Centre’s  Flickr page:  Here

(PSC _ Directors: Marsha Bradfield & Lucy Tomlins)

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