I’ve been told before by master sculptor Kevin Oduor (Kenya) that I take myself too seriously. He’s probably right – I’ve heard that for a few other people as well.

I have a history in curating. I managed to get myself involved in a few projects that were fascinating, including a Hackney based project ( Hackney Transient Arts Project) that involved working with 10 artists over a year, looking at ‘the everyday’ for inspiration, as well as what it means to call Hackney home. From that five members of HTAP collaborated curated mapping exhibition, showing five participatory new works (all maps of some kind) that intersected each other’s ideas ina fascinating collab. I took a work from this piece (with the artists permission – Lucy Tomlins ) to do a participatory exercise with Tower Hamlets community leaders, which was successfull event focussed on interactive artwork. See: Mapping Tower Hamlets’

Furthermore, my own practice has tended to explore the visual nature of cities and it’s harsh reflections of inequality. I rely on chance encounters and impulsive experiments and edit with minimal cropping, or colour / exposure edited
See: ‘Prime’, ‘Dual Methods’ and ‘Street Photography’. 

My work has been quite chance based. I’ve also done quite a bit of event photography for arts organisations and a few private events.

Feel free to contact me for CV or to say ‘hi’.

Miriam Wanjiku Njogu
Born English, lived in Kenya for seven years, now live in the UK with my husband and son.

Academia.edu: https://cedep.academia.edu/MiriamKings

Twitter: twitter miriamkings

Instagram: Miriam.w.Njogu

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