A weekend Artistic Skillshare – Bussey Building, Peckham

More than eighteen workshop contributors and some hundred and fifty attendees made Pangaea Sculptors Centre’s ‘How did you do that? An Artistic Skillshare’ (4th-6th October, 2013)

Workshops and initiatives:

  • Micro blogging with the hashtag #ARCPSC (Artist Run Culture)
  • Photo-documenting 3D practice
  • Cold critique’ and ‘blind review’ as curators offered impressions on anonymised portfolios
  • Creating your own WordPress site
  • Writing workshop on personal/artistic statements
  • Precarious Workers Brigade discussed working conditions in the arts and the urgent need to take collectivised action to ensure that cultural production is more equitable accessible and accountable.
  • ‘How did you do that? The Nuts and Bolts of Ambitious Sculptural Projects’ Six sculptors discussed their projects.
  • A family-friendly zone for creating and playing with folded paper sculptures was the Sculpture Playhouse.

See full documentation with photos on Pangaea Sculptors Centre’s  Flickr page:  Here

(PSC _ Directors: Marsha Bradfield & Lucy Tomlins)

The Crypt Gallery

The Crypt Gallery (Curator) 2003-2005. The Crypt Gallery, Islington facilitating 48 Artists over 11 exhibitions and preview events with focus on performance over two years.


‘Onsite’  (Co-curator) June 2005 

New works by fifteen artists that explored the history, form and function of the crypt itself. 2nd year BA students from Central Saint Martin’s and Slade School of Art. Curated by James Newton, Anton Nikolotov, Miriam Kings and Craig Kao.

Oct 2004

‘Really, this can’t wait’ (Co-curator)

Artists working predominantly in Installation, presented themes of mundane, memory, obsession and anxiety. Curated by the artists Davina Drummond, Ines Dearman, Corrine Bannister and Clair Suckall. Produced by Miriam Kings

Feb 2004 

Memories and memorials from Chile: 30 years since the military coup . 


An academic and peace activist from Chile, Roberta Bacic was directly involved in collecting testimonies from the relatives of those who had been murdered or ‘disappeared’ during the military dictatorship of General Pinochet in 1973-1990.

Photographs from the personal collection of activist Roberta Bacic.

October 2003

Keeping Glamour 


A multidisciplinary exhibition and fashion show organised with students from Central St Martins and members of St Mary’s Youth Club.

Participatory Art by Visualdept.co.uk.


May 2004 


Installation exhibition by Slade Lamey, with accompanying artworks by Eleanor Watson and Sine Skovsen both working with the circle.

Mass Illustration –  with album launch for ‘Only Joe’.

September 2005


Participatory illustration installation with 100+ graffiti artists and illustrators linked to the the ‘Only Joe’ and The Crypt Gallery communities invited to create a mass illustration in anticipation to, and during the final opening.

Pattern Making for Beginners

(Curator/Participating Artist)

HTAP’s Hackney Wicked exhibition used dialogue and play to investigate community formation. Co curated by Marsha Bradfield, Alison Barnes, Miriam Kings, Lucy Tomlins, and David Woosnam. Featuring six different maps and set out like a fête, visitors moved from stall to stall, informing and directing the maps with their own marks. As a research and collection centre, it enabled experimentation with a sense of place to uncover micro stories and patterns; investigating community formation through dialogue and play Over 150 visitors attended this event during the five hours the doors were open.

Pattern making for beginners proposed creative cartographies as a way of imagining new forms of social cohesion: a day-long event at the Hackney Wicked festival to exhibit and further HTAP’s ongoing research into community formation.


1.  ‘The Postcode Map’ (aka Starburst/Mother map): As an introduction to participation, the viewer enters the exhibition to find the Post code map. ‘Estimate your home postcode in relation to Hackney Wick (exhibition location) and link the two’.

The Postcode Map’ situated at the entrance of the exhibition & introduced the idea of viewer participation.

2. ‘Experience, desire and the nonsensical’  A Board game  A table-top version of the Hackney map where revealing sculptural patterns are formed out of individual experiences, desire and fantasy rooted within Hackney.

Place the counters where you feel most appropriate.

Included: favourite place for a pint, favourite cafe, somewhere you wish to conserve, somewhere beautiful, somewhere you wished to destroy, (bulldozer symbol), a place where you’ve experienced crime, a ladder to the moon, and ‘where you would put Richard Branson’. The board game became a hub of the exhibition, people  sharing stories about their experiences of Hackney reminiscent of a campfire situation.

‘Experience, desire and the nonsensical’ Lucy Tomlins, 2009

3. ‘Typecast’ Share your opinions and descriptions of Hackney and help create a landscape of text. Alison Barnes

4. ‘Objects and Keepsakes’ Displayed on an old shelving unit, visitors picked up the object to see its story explained on the attached luggage label. Objects were collected from the extended HTAP community, many of whom could not be there on the day. 31 people donated an object of meaning, displayed for visitors to pick up and examine.

‘Objects’ Miriam Kings (left of image- displayed on an old shelving unit

Communities that donated objects included the Turkish-Cypriot Community Centre, African Caribbean Reunion, and the Pub on the Park.

5.  ‘Secrets’ Unburden yourself on the Hackney map of secrets

This map was covered by a confessional style cloth. The visitor would write their secret on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and post it into a box. Then they would mark on the map with a red cross where that secret happened in the borough of Hackney.

6. ‘Rumour as Repetition: A Conceptual Study’: Listen and repeat 

An oral and written survey: Posturing as pseudo science and/or live art, this performative exchange involves (1) soliciting anecdotal reflections on hearing/spreading rumours; (2) presenting an example rumour (Hackney related); (3) collecting and classifying rumours.

Marsha_Bradfield Rumour as Repetition: A Conceptual Study

The work from this one-day interactive event was re-presented in the exhibition: ‘in/flux’.  

Hackney WIcked Festival

Mapping Tower Hamlets

Mapping Workshops July and November 2012


In July 2012 and November 2012 I facilitated two workshops in at Christs Church Spitalfields. Artist Lucy Tomlins gave permission for me to re-create her concept from the Hackney Transient Arts Project mapping exhibition which we had co-curated with other artist participants. Original piece ‘Experience, Desire and the Nonsensical’ documented here.

November 2012 workshop
November 2012 workshop
November 2012 workshop