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‘Oral History Archive’ (DV Video) (Final Cut Duration: 6min30), HTAP, 2009   From January to May 2009, HTAP produced ten video interviews with residents from the London Borough of Hackney. Produced as an Oral History Archive. The interviews show individuals, couples, friends and families reflecting on conflict and displacement and what it means to call Hackney ‘home’.

Oral History Archive - Joyce and Elsie
Video Still: Elsie Hows and Joyce Caroll both discuss their experience during the war and the in/flux of new communities in and through Hackney. Joyce Caroll talks about staying in Hackney throughout the Blitz.
Yashar Ismailioglu
Installation shot of the ‘Oral History Archive’ first shown at ‘in/flux’ exhibition 2009. Yaşar İsmailoğlu, Hackney resident and founder of the Turkish Cypriot fine art society describes immigrating to the UK during the Greek Cypriot war.

The oral history archive was produced and edited by Marsha Bradfield, Marnie Baumer, Evan Brindle, Miriam Kings, Slade Lamey and Lucy Tomlins. The final cut was edited by Miriam Kings and Marsha Bradfield. It includes interviews with Marnie Baumer; Vivi and Rod Boucher; Joyce Carroll and Elsie Hows; Miron Farmus, Gaspar Karczewski, Tamara Lesneiwska and Joanna Lesniewska; Rui and Ines Freitas, Dino Graniello and Donaldo Figueroa, Jean Philippe Gerard, Yasar Ismailoglu, Kaday Rose Kamara and Lise Munro (otherwise known as ‘Killpussy’). ‘Echo Play’ Audio walk, Duration 3mins30 exhibited at Central St Martins Degree show, July 2007 and adapted for the Liverpool Biennial Independents, August 2008 ‘Echo Play’ audio walk examined contemporary celebrity phenomena in a science fiction narration. The narration through headphones attached to an MP3 player guides the walker from a busy road to a quiet haven in the city. The story describes in detail a manic world above their heads, where neon blue creatures work as invisible vehicles of information, communicating through tiny  sound waves. The walker is directed from the crowds of Charing Cross Road to a tiny pocket of beauty, The Phoenix Gardens.  Adapted for the Liverpool Biennial Independents.

‘Echo Play’ audio walk route. An alley way called Phoenix street, links Charing Cross Road to The Phoenix Garden
The Phoenix Garden
‘Echo Play’ The end of the Audio walk, The Phoenix Garden a community garden kept up by residents.
Installation shot. The walker picked up an MP3 player and small map and returned it after the walk.

‘House, Flat, Roof’ Video, 6mins 13 (UK: Letchworth, Kingsway Estate, Cambridge, London) 2006


. Miriam Kings, (UK: Letchworth, Kingsway Estate, Cambridge, London)

‘Dual Methods’, 2007

. Duration: 4mins 45secs  (UK: City of London, London)


. Miriam Kings, (UK: City of London, London)

‘Calan to Mayfair’ 2005 Video 3min4 seconds.

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